Methi Dal Pitha

Dal Pitha is also called Dal ka Dulha (  translated literally- Bridegroom of Dal ) in some areas of Bihar. As the name suggests,  it is Pitha cooked in Dal. It is very simple to cook, easy on the stomach  and wholesome. It requires minimum spices and has practically no fat content of any kind except that used for   baghar ( Tadka ) which also can be avoided.


Arahar dal and Methi leaves

Other Ingredients

Arahar dal   
Methi leaves
Red Chilies
Turmeric powder


  1. Knead atta to medium consistency.
  2. Make atta balls as for roti.
  3. Roll the balls like roti about 2  inches in diameter.
  4. Using your fingers lift the outer circumference of the roti on four sides.
  5. Bring the edges to the centre and press to seal the edges in the centre so that four loops are formed.
  6. These are the Pithas.

The uncooked Pithas will look like the ones shown below.

Uncooked Pithas


  1. Put water and arahar dal in a pressure cooker without lid and put it on fire.
  2. Add turmeric powder and salt.
  3. Heat till the water starts boiling.
  4. Add the Pithas carefully so that they do not stick together.
  5. Add chopped Methi leaves
  6. Close the lid and cook for 5 to 7 minutes or till the dal is done.
  7. Remove from fire and pour in a serving bowl.
  8. Heat some ghee in a ladle.
  9. When the ghee becomes hot,  prepare the Baghar by putting  jeera , hing and red chili pieces into it and frying till they start to crackle.
  10. Put the Baghar on the Dal Pitha.

Ready Pithas are shown below.                                        

Ready Pithas

Serve hot. This is a full meal by itself. Serve with bhartas, dhania chutney and pickles.


Dal Pitha can be prepared with Bathua leaves and Palak leaves as well or even without any leaves.  If it is prepared without leaves it may be garnished with chopped dhania leaves.


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