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Ghiaye ka Kheer

Ghiaye ka kheer is one of the simplest and tastiest desserts to prepare.   Ingredients for this kheer are also few and easily available in every kitchen



Ghiya                           1 kg                        Milk    1 1/2 litre
Sugar                                                            Ghee
Green Cardamom     4-5                        Saffron
Cashew nuts                                               Almonds
Resins                          10-12


  1. Peel and  grate   the ghiya. Take care not to leave the raw grated ghiya outside for long otherwise it will turn brown.
  2. Slice almonds and cashew nuts.Keep some nuts whole for garnishing.
  3. Fry grated ghiya lightly.
  4. Add ghiya and boil the milk till it becomes thick.  You can also use Khoya to thicken the milk.
  5. When done add sugar and boil till the sugar is dissolved.
  6. Remove from fire  add dry fruits, cardamom seeds and saffron.
  7. Allow it to cool to room temperature. Then put it in the fridge for an hour or so.           

The kheer is ready to serve.


Garnish with saffron strands and  almonds.  Serve cold.