Bihari Chowka

Welcome to my Blog.

But why this Blog ? There are so many Blogs on Bihari food already?

There lies a story. This blog owes its origin to a chance conversation with a fellow passenger in Rajdhani Express to Bangaluru a few months back. As often happens amongst ladies, the conversation soon veered to food. Though my Bihari pride suffered a bit of dent, I was not surprised to hear that she had heard of only one Bihari dish – the Litti, although she had never tasted one. Imagine hearing of only Litti amongst so many lip smacking Bihari dishes!

On return to Delhi I checked up the internet and found a number of blogs and web sites  on Bihari dishes. Some were really good. But quite a few were too sketchy. One web site included even Chinese dishes in the list of Bihari food. I decided to add to the confusion but stick as closely as possible to authentic Bihari cuisine.

But what exactly is Bihari cuisine?

Tough question. Just as there is no human race which can be said to be pure, there is no cuisine which is not influnced by other styles of cooking. I am going to include in my blog some dishes of unquestionably Bihari origin such as the famous Litti, Dal Pitthi, Gojha, Malpua, Bajaka, Bihari kabab  etc. etc. I will also include other dishes which are extensively cooked in Bihari households with Bihari variations such as Kadhi, Beasn ki Sabji etc. plus  dishes developed by me. I hope they will not disappoint you.

My focus audience is not Bihari housewive as, I am sure,  they would  be  familiar with most of these dishes already. But they also might find my variations interesting  such as Hare Matar ki Litti, Keeme ki Litti, Methi ke Dal Pitthe etc. I will very much welcome their views and suggestions. I would basically like to address the uninitiated, like the lady in the Rajdhani.

Since these recipes are for home cooking  I will try to

  • Use minimum spices easily available in all kitchen or easily available in the market.
  • Since any dish can be prepared in many different ways,  give variations of the dish where ever possible to suit different tastes.
  • For the health conscious,  indicate how fat can be avoided without much compromise on taste.

I would much like to describe completely fat free cooking. But this must wait.

For the present I will tell you about different knids of Littis, Rotis Puris and Parathas, Vegetables, Dals, Bhartas, Side Dishes, Desserts, Breakfast Delicacies, snacks,  Chutnies, Kababs, fish preparations, mutton preparations, chicken preparations etc. –  one by one. So keep in touch. Please look up the side bar for different dishes.

I will be mostly using Hindi names for  the ingredients. This might be a problem  for those who do not know Hindi. I am, therefore, giving a Glossary of their English names. In some cases there might not be an English equivalent or I might not be aware of them. I beg to be excused for this inconvenience. 

aab khana banaeein aur swad leein ( enjoy the recipes and  bon appetite)


5 responses to “Bihari Chowka

  1. Hi! I nominated you sweet blog for the Super Sweet Blogger Award! Check it out: and keep up the great posts!

    • Thanks a lot for the encouragement lasesana – I am not sure whether this is your actual name. And thanks for the nomination. Pl do keep visiting my blog. You may find some interesting and simple Indian recipes. Abha

  2. ohhhh…. i just came across to ur blog and i m loving it.Actually my mother in law was from bihar and so my husband is always craving for the authentic taste of bihar dishes which i dont know being a delhite. Going to try ur recipes one by one..

  3. I must say I have seen some very interesting recipes here. Nice blog.
    Do check out my blog, you may find something to your liking.
    Take care.

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