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Bhutte ka Haalwa

Just as Gajar ka Halwa is the king of halwas in winter, Bhutte ka Halwa is the king of halwas in the rainy season.



Fresh soft Bhutta dana         2 cups
Khoya                                       1 cup
Cashew nuts
Green Elaichi


  • Grind the bhutta dana. Let the paste remain a little granular.
  • Pour ghee in a Kadahi and stir fry (bhuno) the bhutta paste till it acquires a slightly yellowish tinge.
  • Add Khoya and 1/4  cup of milk and mix till it becomes smooth.
  •  Cook till the paste changes colour and become a little brownish.
  • Add sugar and cook till the sugar melts
  • Add dry fruits ( need not be chopped).
  • Remove from fire.
  • Add elaichi powder and mix.

Please adjust quantities to taste.


The halwa is ready to serve. It should preferably be eaten warm

Tori Ka Bhartha

Tori ka Bhartha is not a very common bhartha. But it is very tasty and simple to prepare. Ingredients are also very few.



Fresh green Toris        As required
Gralic                                Green chilies
Mustard oil                      Salt


  • Slit the toris 2-3 inches to allow air to escape while roasting
  • Roast the toris directly on fire till the skin turns black and the toris become soft
  • Remove the skin and wash the  toris  under running water to remove all the burnt skin
  • Put the toris, garlic and green chilies ( both according to taste)  in a grinder and grind a little.
  • Add salt and mustard oil according to taste.

The bhartha is ready. Allow it to cool to room temperature. Garnish and serve.


Goes very well with all main meals including Littis.